valve cover gaskets (was Is it the TPS?)

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You need a valve cover gasket set and a gasket for the interface between
the throttle body and the intake manifold.

I found flex head gear wrenches helpful in removing the nuts that hold on
the heat shield so you can remove the air intake tube so you can remove the
throttle body to get to the one last screw holding the valve cover in
place.  You need long allen wrenches to get the throttle body screws out.

My old valve cover gasket material had hardened and become quite stuck on
the valve cover and the surfaces surrounding the tops of the spark plug
holes, so a painter's four-in-one tool was useful too.  A stiff putty knife
might do the same job.

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Subject: valve cover gaskets (was Is it the TPS?)

While on the NHMS recently I found out that my valve cover gasket has a
small leak. It was replaced around 4 years ago along with valve stem
seals. After seeing valve cover gasket replacement in this thread I
would like to ask if there is a write-up for the job and what tools and
parts are required.

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