IA III Chipset Problem

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hi keith,

from my documented boost issues - both with my friend's IA3+ and my 034 stage I - the following culprits were the cause of the 1.4 bar max. my car did NOT stumble though - always perfectly smooth (knock on burled walnut ;-)

1. replaced the waste gate frequency valve (WGFV). i recommend the 034 N75H
2. faulty ground wires to the ecu. - talk to dan eckerman at 034. he's the salesguy, but he's ask nate who worked on my car, what exactly goes bad with the old ground wires. i assume corrosion.
3. various boost and vacuum, hoses. if the car is stumbling - that could also be a symptom of a boost leak.

the interesting thing about the IA3+ is it still reads 1.8 bar on the stock gauge - despite the 3.0 VMAP sensor. it should read lower). with the 034 stage 1 (3.0 bar sensor as well), i will MAYBE hit 1.5 bar - but the turbo is boosting pretty much the same as the IA3+. this was verified with an aftermarket boost gauge by 034.

the IA3+ on my car dynoed about 228HP/258 torque to the wheels. with the dyno tuned 034 stage I - the results were 233HP/260 torque to the wheels with a MUCH better power curve. especially up top.

see ya,

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After six years of nuturing my AVANT with the goal of chipping it when 'all was ready' including a good price on a used set, did so about 3 months ago.  Boost was as good as 1.8 once or twice before the mod on cool mornings ( as cool as it gets in San Diego), sampco hoses, fresh most everything. At 196k attaining 1.5 -1.6 has been a pretty good sign that it was ready for the added stress of chipping, right?
Now difficult to achieve 1.4, and gobbling gas. Biggest symtom was teh sharp burp or cut-out while reving- up under load.  Archives lead to  Wastegate Spring. Trying to determine which to go to (or whatever) I have had a bit of back in forth e-mails with Intended Acceleration, and I guess through the pictures of the CPU and the chipsets installed they concluded in their  last response was that no mod to the WGS was neccessary, just "Turn-in the BOLT 6 revs, no more. "  I took that as clockwise, and did so to the tune of 5-1/2 turns until the diaphram was getting torn at one of the screw holes... No change in performance, maybe worse (thought the weather has been warmer..).  I e-mailed them this result and asked for clarification of the "Turn-in" direction  (seems like counter-clockwise would compress the spring..simulating a stronger spring(?) which has been indicated in past archives as a necessity when chipping....any help here?  Last thing I want to
 do is hurt anything.  Been a couple of weeks and no response from IA though they are probably worn-out from shadetree mechanics coming at them from all over - for any and all projects.  
This car has recieved most every consideration for proper maintainence, preventative maintainence, sensible upgrades (EUROS, IC Lights, some suspension, Samcos, etc.) , plus some restoration such as a complete new headliner. It is my 4th Audi, of many in my family (where they really make sense, Colorado, Minnesota, Northwest...) and has been pretty much a spare car for the past year and is now getting back into daily use (wife, giving up '97 A6 to daughter whom will NEVER be allowed to drive my baby much less ever understand a 5-speed) and I would really like to get this last puzzle (well, nearly last) resolved.  

All input appreciated and it is clear that without the selfless contributions from this group I would not be able to still enjoy this car and as much as I do.

Keith Sternal
San Diego

'91 Avant (Black) 197k
'97 A6 (Pearl) 102k

''05 G35 37k

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