IA III Chipset Problem

Beer, Jerald S. JBeer at caseyciklin.com
Wed Aug 19 12:13:26 PDT 2009

 I have a similar setup, III Stage 3 (no +). If the issues happened after you chipped, it seems there is something amiss with the reprogramming.
It does sound like you may have other issues, but without swapping out ECU's, it is hard to pinpoint the chipset. Make sure your hoses are on good and snug, especially if you have Samco, the fit on the top of the Intercooler is delicate, the hose is about 1/2 in shorter than optimum. Use a very big wide clamp. The lower hose is hard to see, but I would check that carefully also. Disconnect the WGFV (there is an electrical connector, just pop it off by squeezing the clips), if no change, then that is probably bad. 

 I never "turned the screw", I shimmed the spring. It does add boost, but don't overdo it. My dash gauge will read 1.8 (I have actually seen 1.9), but my VDO gauge says 21 psi! I also used a TAP spring, much stiffer, but then no shims. 
91 200q

Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 0:06:22 -0400
From: <ksternal at cox.net>

Now difficult to achieve 1.4, and gobbling gas. 

All input appreciated and it is clear that without the selfless contributions from this group I would not be able to still enjoy this car and as much as I do.

Keith Sternal

'91 Avant (Black) 197k
'97 A6 (Pearl) 102k


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