IA III Chipset Problem

YBK ybk at dongames.net
Wed Aug 19 21:01:32 PDT 2009


Before I installed IA III+ on mine the boost always was 1.8. Hold your
brake and give full gas on the third or second gear at 3000rpm for
several seconds. 
Check your hoses for vacuum leaks by pressurizing the intake. I have
found and fixed numerous over the course of ownership. Should have
probably replaced all the small vacuum tubes at once.

Sometimes the digital indicator shows less then it is because of flaky
electrical connection in the IC. So use your judgment and/or analog

BTW, I haven't touched my wastegate spring. 220 whp at KTR several years

В Срд, 19/08/2009 в 00:06 -0400, ksternal at cox.net пишет:
> Boost was as good as 1.8 once or twice before the mod on cool mornings

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