intermittent charge issue

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Sat Aug 22 16:20:34 PDT 2009

You guys don't live right. I've never had a problem with an original  
Audi alternator.


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> Nat,
> From my experience, the quality of Bosch remanufactured alternators is
> DISMAL. My experience is that the one I got for the Audi six years ago
> lasted only four years, and needed to be replaced once more. I put  
> in a new
> brush did not fix it, and so I swapped the whole unit out. The
> present on has been in there for two years...seems to be running so  
> far.
> On an Olds Intrigue, the first unit died after two weeks...I  
> thought one of
> my wires had come loose, and spent two days debugging, finally  
> everything
> pointed to a bad alternator...I took it to the FLAPS...they put it  
> on the
> bench test machine and verified, and gave me another new (rebuilt) one
> (took two days, since it was not in stock). This one ran one and a  
> half
> years, then I got still another one free under the  
> lifetime
> replacement. I was bitter that it takes around four hours to swap an
> alternator in the olds intrigue....and to do it twice due to poor  
> quality
> seemed sad.
> Go get another one from wherever you purchased the last  
> one....hopefully
> free.
> Alan
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> Subject: intermittent charge issue
>> Folks, I'm experiencing an intermittent charge with a newly installed
>> Al179x alternator.  (Bosch remanufactured)
>> Primarily after some time on the highway - and then after "cooling  
>> off"
>> for a while (on the side of the road, or rest area) it works for some
>> time - though that seems to be getting more variable.
>> Swapping the voltage reg. had no change, and I confirmed that  
>> there was no
>> charging  after the warning light came on.
>> Anyone ever have a faulty "new" alternator?
>> Could it be something else?   I'm relatively confident it is not an
>> intermittent igniter circuit.
>> Thanks
>> Nat
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