tranny (?) noise revisited seven years on

Nick Lawrence nick at
Sun Aug 23 07:04:14 PDT 2009

> Mr Rose Sir!
> On March the 14th 2002, you did post to this 'ere list an question of a
> grinding transmissionous nature.
> It seems that you had a grinding noise when off the throttle with the 
> clutch
> out and in ANY gear.
> It seems that I now have an identical issue with the 89 200 tqa.

        I too had an unidentified noise from the transmission on my '90 200 
tqa.  Somewhere around 140k+  I could sometimes here the slight noise while 
driving,   more often I could here it when I stopped at the drive up 
Usually pushing the clutch pedal made the noise stop.  Not knowing for sure 
what the noise was I took the approach of wait and see.
    Well past 240k miles I did hear it occasionally.  I think it was the 
vacuum leak squeak from the rear main seal.  That's why the sound would 
change when I pushed the clutch pedal.  I replaced the main seal with a 
clutch job  and don't recall hearing the noise any more.


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