Accelerator Pedal Replacement, etc.

Dave Defferding MstrBlastr at
Tue Dec 1 10:57:04 PST 2009

Hi all,

Anyone know how the throttle cable is R/R from top of accelerator pedal??
Bentley shows a circlip, but top of pedal arm has a stout rubber cover, so 
can't easily see how it's attached.  I have a replacement pedal from SJM and 
thought I'd replace it while I have the knee bumper off (rubber footrest is 
broken off original pedal).

I had a no start condition and ended up replacing a broken ignition switch 
(new one hanging by connector to be screwdriver operated) as the tang broke 
off the key/column lock assy.  Soldered/jumpered the IC board while I had it 
out and replaced all the bulbs in the cluster.  I tested it and it runs with 
the dash appearing normal and lit up.  So far, so good.

My diagnosis included checking the solenoid and the red wire from the 
ignition switch had crumbling/stiff insulation.  The wire itself seemed 
pretty sound yet, but to protect it from water/deicers  I painted it with 
something called "Liquid Tape" by Performix.  After several coats of this 
flexible rubber formula expect it to last for years.  Seems like a good way 
to protect wires with damaged insulation.  Anybody else ever use this stuff?

Dave D
'91 200Q Pearl Sedan stock w 134K on the clock 

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