I'm looking for a good Master Cylinder

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Wed Dec 2 07:47:07 PST 2009

Overdue? Only if you’ve totally neglected the required PM, flushing  
system fluid annually or at least biennially. DFWAB! I would only  
resort to a caliper or cylinder repair kit as a last option to  
replace a broken boot, otherwise totally unnecessary. On MCs, if the  
internals are sludged up enough that the piston won’t quite return to  
its stop the vent port to the reservoir will be blocked. The locked  
brake syndrome!
Overhaul it, just as you would a caliper. Wash and dry all rubber  
parts, clean piston and cylinder, inspect for corroded aluminum and  
remove any resulting interferences, but don’t remove the anodized  
coating. Just as with polishing chrome plated caliper pistons. Etc.


On Dec 2, 2009, at 1:35 AM, George wrote:

> Bernie:     Insofar as an overhaul kit for the '91 200 brake master  
> cylinder
> has never been available, and many of us face having to deal with  
> the issue,
> it would be helpful if you could provide some pointers as to parts  
> required,
> sources and the process. The master cylinder in my '91 20 valve has  
> never
> been overhauled or replaced and at 312,000 miles I gotta believe it is
> overdue........
> Many thanks
> George Sidman

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