Where to find rebuilt 3b Distributor

Kenneth Keith auditude at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 21:12:22 PST 2009

Austin Calise <yoda_audi at yahoo.com>
> Yes the 7A dizzy is the same as the 3B. Only difference is the rotor.
> Note on the correct 3B narrow tip rotor they had been readily available
> up till recently when all the worldpac sites have had it coming up as not available?
> Makes me feel good about the extra one I ordered!!! I'm sure 034 can still get it as well
> as other parts sources just seems odd to me that most places stopped carrying it? ?

Since the narrow-tipped rotor is only spec'ed for a car that was
produced one year, produced a long 18 years ago, and probably some
owners don't even know that a regular wide-tipped rotor isn't the
right one, it's not so surprising to me that many places stopped
carrying it altogether.

But at least we can file down a wide one to make a narrow one.  Too
bad we can't do something like that to make a plastic gear into a
metal one, make a cheaper plug into an expensive F5DPOR, or convert
DOT lights to euro spec.  Compared to those, I think we got a bit of a
break on the rotor thing, as far as replacement parts for these aging
cars go.



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