Where to find rebuilt 3b Distributor

Ezekiel Brown alaskanbaja at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 18:21:58 PST 2009

So strange thing, I went and pulled the cap and the rotor isn't glued to the
shaft it is just like a stranded clip on rotor. I could have sworn I read
somewhere that these rotors were all glued to shaft? However I did confirm
that I have the wrong rotor it is 18mm wide. the thing that really worried
me is the amount of oil in the distributor I imagine that would indicate
distributor shaft seal leaking?

thanks am I missing something or can you not order directly from Bosch? it
also seems the bosch part number on their site for the 7A and 3B rotor are
the same 04170?

am I doing this wrong? When I search for that part number nothing comes up.
oh... but if i search for the Audi part# 052 905 225 C it comes up. However,
it still has part number 04170 which according to Bosch's site is the same
for 3B or 7A?

The correct width is 10mm so I imagine that it is not super sensitive
considering the one I am running right now is 8mm to wide. Are people filing
down the whole rotor or just the contact?


 On Wed, Feb 11, 2009 at 7:39 AM, Bernie Benz <b.benz at charter.net> wrote:

> Surprise! Bosch still has new and rebuilt dist, as well as caps and rotors
> listed on their web site.<
> http://www.boschautoparts.com/Resources/VehiclePartFinder/>
> The dist. part numbers are not quite the same for the 3B and 7A but the
> rotors are! Probably the wide tipped one.
> I've run them interchangeably in either engine.
> The 10V I5s can run with sloppy TBs but the added inertia of the additional
> two cams lowers the torsional resonant frequency and increases the amplitude
> of the cam drive system's critical frequency, further loading the chain and
> dist. drive gear with anything less than a very tight belt.
> FYI, I'll fwd my dist. alignment instructions.
> Bernie

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Well it seems my/our prays have been answered just last night and for about
a week or so the "correct" 3B rotor wasn't coming up at the usual online
shops I frequent. They must have read my complaint lol!!! Any how
autohausaz.com doesn't have it listed under 200 20v but if you search by the
bosch pn# 123433 2414 is shows up.

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My initial thought would be that hopefully you have an old worn one
that you can use to get the dimension from.  Someone online someone
may have posted the actual dimensions.



On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 6:09 AM, Bares, Vittorio
<Vittorio.Bares at nuance.com> wrote:
> Question: I'm assuming that having a narrow version means that you are
> shortening the time the spark plug is sparking. If you file it down -
> how do you know what dimension it should be filed down to? Or is it not
> that sensitive?
> Vittorio -

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