anybody seen the price of 1991-94 BMW M5s?

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at
Mon Feb 16 15:46:03 PST 2009

i guess the tanking value of the 200q20v isn't an isolated thing. as of 2007, 91-94 M5s were still going for $11-12K. i'm seeing them in the $5-7k range lately. looks to be because of the state of our economy. anything not totally essential (like vintage cars) are taking a sizable hit. my cousin says he thinks his 1967 Mercedes Benz 280SE convertible has probably dumped $10k in the past 1.5 years or so.

oh well, i took the 200 out yesterday in the pooring rain and had some fun. sticks to the road like glue. been rollin' with the IA3+ again so i'll keep an eye out for old skewl M5s ;-)

oh yeah, since i replaced the multifunction sensor, the a/c clutch engages again. so cold you'll freeze your fingers off. LOL!

see ya,


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