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 Maybe my experience was unique, but, it wasn't quite as easy as the other responses. The passenger side was the problem, drivers side was easy. Do take the airbox out...if you're fixin' on pulling your turbo soon wait until you do that to do the mount. The issue I had was clearance getting the old mount out and the new mount in. The length of the top stud was the limiting factor. So, my advice, note the excess stud you have above the nut/washer before you remove the old mount. Remove the old mount, compare the new with old and insure equal length of stud, then try to get the new in...if you can't, which I couldn't because of stud length, cut an appropiate length piece off the new stud, then slip it in. 




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I need to replace my two motor mounts on my 91 200 TQ 20V. How much work
am I in for? Any BTDT experiences to be aware of?


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