[20v] Intermittant misfire (Bernie Benz)

Adam Gratz adamgratz at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 13:42:03 PST 2009


Noisy distributor is never good news. Take if the cap and check for play in
the shaft or a loose rotor. Is the rotor rubbing on the sides of the cap? I
rebuilt one once, and recommend purchasing a rebuilt. You also have a parts
car with a working one, right?

Leaking injector could cause the rich running misfire, often worse at idle.
If you can get a bottle of BG-44 injector cleaner (if it's still available)
do it. Techron is fairly good as well. If that cheap fix doesn't work,
consider a swap out of the fuel rail with injectors from your parts car. I'd
suggest replacing the o-ring when you do this.


3B Avant Jungle Racer

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