Exhaust Odors

Peter Schulz pcschulz at comcast.net
Tue Feb 24 11:58:39 PST 2009


I kept looking for a steering rack or CV joint leak, never could find 
it...had a burning oil stench when the engine was idling and the car 
stationary, turns out that it had a leak from the 1st gear 
AC  transmission switch ( on the passenger side, right above the 
catalytic convertor) -
its the same kind of switch as the backup light switch, but used to 
turn off the AC compressor in 1st gear during acceleration.


At 12:41 PM 2/24/2009 -0500, Phil Rose wrote:
>At 11:48 PM -0500 2/23/09, PeterBergin at aol.com wrote:
> >Might be an oil or PS fluid leak vaporizing on something hot and getting
> >sucked in through the hvac.
> >
>Commonly, tranny fluid leaks onto a catalytic conv. from either one
>of the front differential (output shaft) seals. With a slow leak you
>could be smelling the fumes from that long before drips appear on the
>garage floor.
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