Brake fittings (conections to front UFO flex hose) frozen,

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Mon Jan 12 09:05:27 PST 2009

alancordeiro wrote: 
> I spent a frustrating two days waiting for penetrating fluid to do its work, 
> but as of tonight, I have still not succeeded in separating either of the 
> two fixed lines from the flexible rubber hose on the driver's front wheel. 

I had to replace the flex line on my '94 100. It wouldn't
budge, and so I had to cut the darn hardline. My local FLAPS
(Robbins in Concord NH) has hard brake lines in both metric
and SAE? sizes, in 6" increments. I used one that was too
long and just added a loop to it to make it fit. 

Still works fine almost 2 years later.

Kent McLean
'99 A4, V6 tiptronic
'91 200 20V Avant, with modes

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