Brake fittings (conections to front UFO flex hose) frozen,

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 Since it appears you're replacing the hose.....heat that joint up, alot. Sould'nt take long to get it good and hot. Going to ruin the hose and the fluid at that point, but, you're replacing the hose and the fluid will be flushed when you bleed. 

Those nuts on the hard lines seem extra soft, I had problems with them and I didn't really have problem breaking it loose.

Good luck!?? Bob



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Subject: Brake fittings (conections to front UFO flex hose) frozen, 

I spent a frustrating two days waiting for penetrating fluid to do its work, but 
as of tonight, I have still not succeeded in separating either of the two fixed 
lines from the flexible rubber hose on the driver's front wheel.

After jacking up the car, I pre treated the fittings with liquid wrench and 
waited a few hours before attempting to open. When they would not budge, I kept 
adding the penetrating fluid spray and waited overnight to try again. as of this 
afternoon and evening, I have only manager to round off the upper nut, and 
partially round off the lower nut, with my 11 mm flare wrench. I even used a 
vicegrip on the upper nut, but they both seem to be welded to the intermediate 
flex hose. Besides Liquid wrench, I also used PB Blaster, and as small amount of 

I have put back the wheel and parked the car outside....awaiting some BTDT 
advice from this group, thanks. 
(Patient is a '91 200q with the original hose and UFO calipers, I believe the 
fittings have never been opened since they were assembled at the factory, unless 
the previous owner did them in the first seven years and 100k.)

Alan Cordeiro

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