Brake fittings (conections to front UFO flex hose) frozen,

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Mon Jan 12 20:17:01 PST 2009

200-20V happy with just what a chipped old girl (225K) deserves, dyno  
oil changes at 10K (easy to remember, but seasonal) biennial brake  
fluid replacement and reliance on 4 wheel, 8 surface passive pad wear  
sensors, original UFOs, semiannual seasonal wheel and tire changes,  
right on DIY alignments, a garaged daily driver and mother to young  
(100+K) stable mate, ’02 A6 2.7T 6MT, loves same treatment.

The apperance of rubber brake line condition is irrelevant IMO, the  
outer surface being only an abrasion protective layer for the  
underlying build up. Many commercial hydraulic hoses purposefully  
perforate this outer layer to prevent balooning upon inner leakage.


On Jan 12, 2009, at 5:44 PM, PeterBergin at wrote:

> So Bernie, I have to ask, with the few oil changes and little  
> maintance on your 200, does it have more that 25k on the clock and  
> does it live indoors.
> Pete
> Yea, I blew a front brake line on my old 5k Avant at 7 years of age  
> and 150k on the clock.  Wasn't pretty, for what ever reason I lost  
> all brakes pulling a snowmobile trailer in a snow storm in -10  
> weather.
> I had notice some minor cracks in the rubber shortly before when  
> putting on the snow tires, figured I would wait to spring to  
> replace lines, BIG MISTAKE!
> My 91 had cracking lines at 125k. Replace them all for less than  
> $100, still look good 6 years later at 230k.
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