Brake fittings (conections to front UFO flex hose) frozen,

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Mon Jan 12 20:42:47 PST 2009

Hi guys,

Thanks for all the outpouring of advice. Sorry for the delay in replying to 
you all....
(I work 37 miles away from home, and got back just in time to have dinner 
with friends visiting, so this is my first chance to catch up on mail.)

The present brake hose is damaged (outer rubber tearing), I am concerned it 
is about to give right where it joins the horizontal crimp at the caliper 
end. I would prefer not to drive my car any distance until I replace the 
hose. Consider the hose is fully expendable at this point.

The car has only had one new hose so far ( put on eight months ago, one of 
the rears was the most marginal)...I ordered a set meaning to replace all 
one summer afternoon, but when I lost most of the weekend on the first hose 
replacement, I postponed the other wheels until "later"...and sadly, its 
time for the second like RIGHT NOW. I agree that it was way past time to 
replace them..........

I had been fairly gentle on the heat, I believe I will attack it with a lot 
more heat, and if that does not do it, I will go the hard line replacement 
route. It appears (already studied possibilities while waiting for the 
penetrating oil to work its magic) that I will have to swap the section from 
the ABS module to the first joint, and at worst, the small section at the 
caliper as well.  I hope the fittings at the caliper do not behave the same 
With Michigan temperatures going down to -xx degrees F over the next few 
days....I am planning on waiting till this coming weekend

In the meantime, the backup (Olds Intrigue with 145k) will get some usage.

And sadly, Kneale's comment on his approach reminds me of another prudent 
replacement item....the timing belt is coming on 
that "do the timing belt whenever you do all the hoses"...or the other way 

Thanks again...


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> Robbins is usually able to find hard to get parts! One of my favorite
> John
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> alancordeiro wrote:
>> I spent a frustrating two days waiting for penetrating fluid to do its
> work,
>> but as of tonight, I have still not succeeded in separating either of
> the
>> two fixed lines from the flexible rubber hose on the driver's front
> wheel.
> I had to replace the flex line on my '94 100. It wouldn't
> budge, and so I had to cut the darn hardline. My local FLAPS
> (Robbins in Concord NH) has hard brake lines in both metric
> and SAE? sizes, in 6" increments. I used one that was too
> long and just added a loop to it to make it fit.
> Still works fine almost 2 years later.
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