boost and stalling problem

Danny pyro_10314 at
Fri Jan 16 11:31:22 PST 2009

whats up all. the other night i was at a friends house and we were looking over my engine and he noticed that my wgfv was all corroded. i installed one that he had in his garage, that was from a different model but said it would fit my car. the configuration was exactly 90 degrees different. i searched the archives and found that this similar problem had happened to someone else before and the symptoms were exactly the same. so here is the problem. while i was driving with the incorrect wgfv, the instrument cluster read 1.6 in 2nd gear. i took my foot of the gas to slow down and the car bucked along with a psssh sound. parked, stopped the engine, started it back up and the car was bucking like crazy and stalling or about to stall when i didnt give it any gas. havent really driven it since. today i installed a new wgfv and tbpv, and searched for loose vacuum lines. (couldnt find any). the car still goes to stall out when i come to a stop or depress the
 clutch, i didnt really go that fast to notice any bucking. i know that when i took apart the intercooler in the summer, the clamp for the ic hose were broken. could this be a source of my problem, possibly. i tried to pressurize the system with the homemade testor, but it wasnt holding any air. the car was off, does the car need to be running? or do i just have that big of a leak somewhere. any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks


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