Half Shafts - Dimension?

Gary Anderson wanemardo at comcast.net
Sun Jan 18 18:20:12 PST 2009

A short note from one of the lurkers here.

Just had a left front half shaft rebuilt at a local area driveline shop, new
joints & boots at both ends.

Seems cores half shafts for our 200-20v cars are not readily available

Ours are rebuildable if you provide yours as a core, joint parts are catalog


Installation isn't going so well, seems I cannot get the ball joint stud
lined up with the strut housing to make the lower connection.

I appears to be about half the stud diameter, or about 1/4"-3/8" offset.

The half shaft is tight, and as compressed as much as I can make it without
a BFH treatment.

My present thinking is (for some reason) the rebuilt half shaft is now
longer than original length.


So here's my question (if anyone has a spare) .

How long is a half shaft, overall from the spline end to the inside end of
the inner flange/joint surface, where it mated up to the differential

I measure my rebuilt one at approx 24 1/8" for a reference.

Any thoughts on-line or off line appreciated.


Thanks in advance, Gary A.


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