Half Shafts - Dimension?

Geraint Lloyd geraintlloyd_qc at yahoo.ca
Mon Jan 19 10:34:38 PST 2009

I'm guessing that the inner CV was not regreased ever, then the grease in it
dried out and packed itself into the flange cup like some grey stinky goo
that you find lining your sewage pipes.
The joint then cooked/ seized/ the balls broke apart and the cage exploded.

STHTPOP (See That Happen To Plenty Of People) 
(hey, now if we just change the 2nd T to an I there, then those are the
sequential noises that driver and car make as the shaft seizes and

- Blind diagnosis from thousands of mile away


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Really! Shaft failed? Shaft broke in two, or stripped the inboard  
spline? Tell more!


On Jan 19, 2009, at 9:53 AM, YBK wrote:

> Bernie,
> Please stop being unreasonable.
> The shafts do fail. Mine failed on INNER side and I left with zero  
> wheel drive. I had to purchase a used shaft with inner join and  
> reuse my outer.
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> Was your new shaft an exchange shaft assembly, in which the new shaft
> is not your old shaft?  Why, Oh why would you risk such a swap?
> Shafts don't wear out! Inner CVs don't wear out! Outer CVs seldom
> wear out, short of long term boot failure. Did you really need
> anything more than a new boot? You are asking for a dimension
> including the spline slip variable distance. Huh!
> Next time use this great resource, don't just lurk! And DIY.
> Bernie
> On Jan 18, 2009, at 6:20 PM, Gary Anderson wrote:
>> A short note from one of the lurkers here.
>> Just had a left front half shaft rebuilt at a local area driveline
>> shop, new
>> joints & boots at both ends.
>> Seems cores half shafts for our 200-20v cars are not readily  
>> available
>> anymore.
>> Ours are rebuildable if you provide yours as a core, joint parts
>> are catalog
>> items.
>> Installation isn't going so well, seems I cannot get the ball joint
>> stud
>> lined up with the strut housing to make the lower connection.
>> I appears to be about half the stud diameter, or about 1/4"-3/8"
>> offset.
>> The half shaft is tight, and as compressed as much as I can make it
>> without
>> a BFH treatment.
>> My present thinking is (for some reason) the rebuilt half shaft is  
>> now
>> longer than original length.
>> So here's my question (if anyone has a spare) .
>> How long is a half shaft, overall from the spline end to the inside
>> end of
>> the inner flange/joint surface, where it mated up to the differential
>> flange.
>> I measure my rebuilt one at approx 24 1/8" for a reference.
>> Any thoughts on-line or off line appreciated.
>> Thanks in advance, Gary A.
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