Stolen Ignition Key

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Thu Jul 2 15:44:49 PDT 2009

Do you have the original documentation? It may be on the BOS or the owner's
manual. It may also be on the trunk lock, which is tremendously more
accessible than the door locks. I know its on my Scirocco hatch lock.

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At 12:08 PM -0400 7/2/09, Richard Harris wrote:
>I had my ignition key stolen yesterday...  Where did Audi place the key
>for the ignition key? Can it be found on the driver's or passenger's door

Assuming that the '91 200q is anything like all other cars I've ever 
owned (purchased new) then the key code is only supplied to the 
original owner in the form of a small stamped metal tag to keep in a 
safe place---and later forget to transfer to the next owner. I bought 
my '91 200q used, so like many with a used car, I received no key 
"tag" (but have had several duplicate keys made).

Has your search included enquiring at an Audi dealer? I'd expect that 
Audi's records would have the info you need (although getting it from 
them might not be as simple as we'd like).



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