OMG I HATE this F'ing car!!!!!

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Typically the clutch master cylinder, but also could be MC linkage.  First
check that there's no issue with the hose to the MC coming off the brake
fluid reservoir. If it's the MC, you usually can pull the pedal back up off
the floor and pump it partially and get the clutch working again, at least
enough to get you rolling.  Sometimes it'll come back for several days, but
always eventually will need replacement.  I wouldn't suspect linkage issues
if the clutch functioned smoothly previously.

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Subject: OMG I HATE this F'ing car!!!!!

i thought me and MR. POS finally reached an understanding. you stop
breaking and i will buy you presents (mods, paint, etc.).

guess not. driving back home tonight, i was rolling up on some freeway
traffic, so i threw it in neutral. funny thing happened, the clutch went
down, the tranny went into neutral, BUT THE CLUTCH PEDAL NEVER CAME BACK

i was stuck under a freeway underpass (with very light traffic thankfully)
for 40 minutes. AAA called the cops to push me out of the way, but they
never came. almost got clipped by 2 speeding jackasses. luckily, nothing

so, what happened? clutch was the smoothest of any car i've ever owned. not
heavy, no chatter, engaged somewhere in the middle. and now this.

getting drunk tonight.

see ya,

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