OMG I HATE this F'ing car!!!!!

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Robby, if these cars are like my S4, I think you'll discover that
metal fatigue caused either the clutch master cylinder or the clutch
pedal itself to break.

I could drive it by matching revs and letting the shifter decide when
to slip into the next gear. I started it in 1st a few times - I hated
doing that.

Replacing the clutch master on an S4 isn't a hard job if you don't
mind working with your head next to the brake pedal and your feet out
the sunroof (for about an hour)

I bailed and brought it to my local mechanic (non-Audi). He took a
look and laughed me out of the garage. I fixed it. I bought an
exact-match OEM replacement from German Auto Parts in upstate NY, it
was cheap.


On 7/10/09, robert weinberg <centaurus3200 at> wrote:
> i can pull the pedal up by hand and it stays up . and i can push it back to
> the floor and it stays down. it is NOT stuck. the pedal just doesn't do what
> it supposed to. like operate the clutch ;-)
> see ya,
> Robby
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>> Most likely failure with the clutch pedal stuck down is master cylinder
>> failure. A slave failure or hose failure would probably have the pedal
>> come
>> up slowly. I once had a different failure on an earlier car (1985 5kq)
>> where
>> the push-rod between the pedal and the master cylinder broke at one of the
>> thinner might even be this....
> And on my 200 10V, the tab on the clutch pedal itself broke. The pedal stuck
> to the floor. You could pull it up by hand, and it would stay up.
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