OMG I HATE this F'ing car!!!!!

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so there's a chance the only thing wrong is a busted clutch pedal? if it was the slave or clutch master cylinder, would it be impossible for me to pull up or down on the clutch?

so, the clutch master cylinder is under the dashboard? or you need a lift to make the job palatable?


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that's what mine did... but i had a little warning, so wasn't surprised when leaving the house one day, the clutch barely engaged, so I parked it, and drove my son'e GTI to work...
in my case, the clutch pedal had been "hanging up" just a little so when I took my foot off the clutch pedal, it would hesitate, and geltnly tap my foot before I finish my fool/leg stroke in a normal speed clutch-declutch sequence.
So, I now have a new master clutch cylinder, and a new slave cylinder.  if nothing else, the almost stiff clutch works much easier now than before.
unless you are a smaller guy, hands in particular, hire a mechanic to change the clutch master cylinder.  it resides above the clutch and brake pedals, above your feet.  means on your back under the steering wheel, with our hands above your head!  at least that's how I did it...  good luck...
you might try trading out the transmission slave cylinder first, but with the age of these cars, likely never flushed (like brake systems), i'd think a good idea to change the master cylinder to avoid a repeat performance.

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i can pull the pedal up by hand and it stays up . and i can push it back to the floor and it stays down. it is NOT stuck. the pedal just doesn't do what it supposed to. like operate the clutch ;-)

see ya,

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alancordeiro at wrote:
> Most likely failure with the clutch pedal stuck down is master cylinder 
> failure. A slave failure or hose failure would probably have the pedal come 
> up slowly. I once had a different failure on an earlier car (1985 5kq) where 
> the push-rod between the pedal and the master cylinder broke at one of the 
> thinner might even be this....

And on my 200 10V, the tab on the clutch pedal itself broke. The pedal stuck
to the floor. You could pull it up by hand, and it would stay up.

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