OMG I HATE this F'ing car!!!!!

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seriously, how much is this little endeavor going to cost if it's the clutch master cylinder? 034 motorsport would do the job. they don't overcharge and are actually pretty fair with parts prices. but they ain't a dollar either. figure a 2 hour job? 

i did have my hand down there to pull up on the clutch a few times (and you can pull the clutch up and down - and it will stay up too). would there be hydraulic fluid on the floor is the clutch MC was bad?

seems like if someone does need to get down there, it might be better to remove the driver front seat first?

see ya,

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Robby, if these cars are like my S4, I think you'll discover that
metal fatigue caused either the clutch master cylinder or the clutch
pedal itself to break.

I could drive it by matching revs and letting the shifter decide when
to slip into the next gear. I started it in 1st a few times - I hated
doing that.

Replacing the clutch master on an S4 isn't a hard job if you don't
mind working with your head next to the brake pedal and your feet out
the sunroof (for about an hour)

I bailed and brought it to my local mechanic (non-Audi). He took a
look and laughed me out of the garage. I fixed it. I bought an
exact-match OEM replacement from German Auto Parts in upstate NY, it
was cheap.


On 7/10/09, robert weinberg <centaurus3200 at> wrote:
> i can pull the pedal up by hand and it stays up . and i can push it back to
> the floor and it stays down. it is NOT stuck. the pedal just doesn't do what
> it supposed to. like operate the clutch ;-)
> see ya,
> Robby
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>> Most likely failure with the clutch pedal stuck down is master cylinder
>> failure. A slave failure or hose failure would probably have the pedal
>> come
>> up slowly. I once had a different failure on an earlier car (1985 5kq)
>> where
>> the push-rod between the pedal and the master cylinder broke at one of the
>> thinner might even be this....
> And on my 200 10V, the tab on the clutch pedal itself broke. The pedal stuck
> to the floor. You could pull it up by hand, and it would stay up.
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