OMG I HATE this F'ing car!!!!!

Tony Hoffman auditony at
Fri Jul 10 18:49:10 PDT 2009

I"ve also seen this on Ingo's car last winter. The alluminum of the
clutch pedal broke, causing exactly what you are describing. This was
on one of the 5-speed V8's, but the pedals are the same. In the case
of Ingo's car, it also broke the master cylinder actuation rod, so the
master had to be repalced.

I've also done quite a few Master/Slave's on type44 and type 81/85
Audi's and I'd highly recommend replacing both of them together, since
they are nearly twenty years old.


On Fri, Jul 10, 2009 at 6:26 PM, Chuck Pierce<cpcycle at> wrote:
> Hi Robby
> I have had the broken clutch pedal problem and I have had the rod going into the clutch master break.
> I just put the car in gear w/the engine off and drove it home.
> Yep a PITA put fixable. I replaced the pedal and the mstr cyl.
> Just pull the cover off and get under there with a flash light on figure it out.
> Chuck
> ----->>Subject: Re: OMG I HATE this F'ing car!!!!!
>>i can pull the pedal up by hand and it stays up . and i can push it back to
>>the floor and it stays down. it is NOT stuck. the pedal just doesn't do what
>>it supposed to. like operate the clutch ;-)
>>see ya,

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