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you are awesome man! got the pdf too!

well, this car has forced me to fix stuff that i would have never done before. like replacing the instrument cluster, but this one might be a bit above me. there's a chance shayne's cousin can do it because he's 21 and needs money. if not, then the car will probably go to 034. they are fair and never overcharge.

but shayne and his cousin are coming over sunday. we'll go from there.

i can't just buy the rebuilt sachs clutch MC and slave? they are soooo cheap compared to new units.

check rockauto.com like $48 for the MC and $35 for the slave.

keep in mind, the car is not my daily driver. just for weekend fun and road trips. so, i won't be putting 15k/year on it or anything.

see ya,

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Robby, do this:  get a flashlight, and get yourself near that clutch pedal
and find out what's the matter.  It's not rocket science, you'll have
it figured out in 2 minutes.  It sucks to fix it but if I did it, you
can do it.

NEXT:  Read the thread below and look at the attached PDF.  Tell me if you don't see a string of emails here, and a PDF attached.The car was an S4 but I bet it's the same.  I haven't dealt with this yet with the 200.  I dread the thought, but we deal with what's put in front of us, or we pay.

I also bought a Motive power bleeder because bleeding the lines is necessary.  I had never done stuff like this before.  Some people have a hard time bleeding air from the system and the clutch won't work right.  Bleeding the slave was a real bitch because of the hard physical reach to get to it.  It's a REAL bitch.  But I did, only needed to bleed it once.  The car's been great since, and look at the dates.  If you pay somebody to do it it might set you back a few hundred.


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*pop* - *thunk*

The clutch pedal sinks to the floor - and stays there.

Now, what did that post say about shifting without a clutch.....?

Alas, the inevitable clutch master cylinder rod failure occurred as I was
navigating my UrS4 through the city at 5:30 PM. Oh joy....driving home with
no clutch through this lot...

I put together a how-to with photos on the R&R of the clutch master
cylinder. I also modified the rod assembly a bit to beef up the new
cylinder. I anyone wants a copy, let me know - I'll send you the .pdf.

Fred Munro
'94 S4

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I have the dreaded clutch actuating rod break this morning.

Is there an upgrade to this weak design?

Anyone know where to find instructions to R&R?


Russell Southerlin
95.5 S6

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