UFO brakes: solution

Tony Hoffman auditony at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 19:37:02 PDT 2009

And I can say for a fact that the G60's are not even close to an
upgrade, as they fade before completing one stop from 100mph. They did
great in one stop from 60, 120 feet on my car with 225/50-16 Ecsta
711's, but the next stop added over 40 feet, and it got much worse
after that. Definately not an upgrade of any sort for a car that


> What people simply don't know: the UFO brakes are fine IF they get
> proper cooling. The enclosed housing of the UFO does not dissipate
> properly. The small 15" or 16" wheels exacerbate the problem. The huge
> open design of the Ronal 18" wheel completely solves THE PROBLEM -
> heat dissipation, causing fade, followed by warping. My car stops
> really well under hard and sustained braking without noticeable
> fading, and I have had NO problems whatsoever with the UFO's for 10
> years of using the Ronal wheels. While these wheels are no longer
> available, they are very similar in design to the R8 wheels. So, you
> can expect great UFO brake performance and normal 30-40K mileage
> without warping or fading if you simply go with this style and size of
> wheel.

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