G60 brakes not the problem...

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My experience with the G60 brake system has been the exact opposite. Using the G60 calipers with Zimmerman cross drilled and ventilated rotors, Mintex Red Box pads, stainless steel lines and ADP Blue I have repeatedly tracked the car. Never did I get any brake fade at any time. 
But another time I changed the rotors and pads on my wife's TT HO Coupe. I couldn't get the pads I wanted before doing the job so I threw in something the local store had. Big mistake, the brakes would fade out within half a lap. Never had that problem before and quickly changed to some Mintex Red Box pads. Problem went away. 
Sounds like you have some very inexpensive pads in there. They will stop the car once or twice, but never more as you are finding out. 
And yes the UFO's are a better system but they are a big PITA.  
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And I can say for a fact that the G60's are not even close to an
upgrade, as they fade before completing one stop from 100mph. They did
great in one stop from 60, 120 feet on my car with 225/50-16 Ecsta
711's, but the next stop added over 40 feet, and it got much worse
after that. Definately not an upgrade of any sort for a car that


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