UFO brakes: solution

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Get proper pads! I covered 120 miles on the track with G60.


Jul 13, 2009, в 10:37 PM, Tony Hoffman <auditony at gmail.com> написал(а):

> And I can say for a fact that the G60's are not even close to an
> upgrade, as they fade before completing one stop from 100mph. They did
> great in one stop from 60, 120 feet on my car with 225/50-16 Ecsta
> 711's, but the next stop added over 40 feet, and it got much worse
> after that. Definately not an upgrade of any sort for a car that
> heavy!
> Tony
>> What people simply don't know: the UFO brakes are fine IF they get
>> proper cooling. The enclosed housing of the UFO does not dissipate
>> properly. The small 15" or 16" wheels exacerbate the problem. The  
>> huge
>> open design of the Ronal 18" wheel completely solves THE PROBLEM -
>> heat dissipation, causing fade, followed by warping. My car stops
>> really well under hard and sustained braking without noticeable
>> fading, and I have had NO problems whatsoever with the UFO's for 10
>> years of using the Ronal wheels. While these wheels are no longer
>> available, they are very similar in design to the R8 wheels. So, you
>> can expect great UFO brake performance and normal 30-40K mileage
>> without warping or fading if you simply go with this style and size  
>> of
>> wheel.
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