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Andy Schor walbum at realalbumart.com
Tue Jul 21 14:06:32 PDT 2009

Update... I figured I'd pick up the car and drive it around locally to 
gather more experience.  A friend dropped me off at the shop and I drove 
off.  I got about 2 miles away when Cheech & Tommy started doing their thing 
(smoking heavily).  I turned around and dropped it back at the shop.

When I got back to my office, the was a bounce message from the 200q20v 
list.  Hmm, what the heck?  I subbed an alternate addressed and forwarded 
the message below to the list.  Then my original post seemed to get through 
(4 hours later).  One of those days, I guess.


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>>I just got back from the mechanic shop.  Per Bernie's suggestion I took it
>>out for a test drive.  It did not smoke on startup, drove off at low speed
>>to warm up for a mile or two, still no smoke.  At WOT it hit what felt
>>like a rev limiter, but seemed to be turbo related.  I probably should
>>have mentioned  that the car has a Lehmann chip (installed by previous
>>owner several years ago).  I do not track this car, it's mostly driven
>>around town and the occaisional road trip.
>> We went over the suggestions and theories that a few of you guys posted
>> yesterday, my mechanic is confident that the turbocharger itself is the
>> problem..  Perhaps someone who has upgraded to an RS2 might have a good
>> stock turbo?  The part number on the wastegate tag on my car matches the
>> one on ebay except for the last two digits (...703C vs ...705B), would
>> that be an issue?  Does anyone know of a reputable rebuilder or would it
>> be cheaper to buy a used one?  What other cars came with the K24?  Others
>> to consider?
>> I asked about the A8 that came in a few weeks ago after being flooded  He
>> knew where I was going with that (V8 swap), but the car had already been
>> sent to a salvage yard.
>> Thanks,
>> Andy
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>> Subject: Re: Smoking Like Cheech & Chong
>> Hi Andy,
>> You need to drive it some more to establish a pattern, if any. If it
>> doesn’t smoke under acceleration, zero to positive IM presure,
>> probably not rings but more likely valve stem seals, oil being sucked
>> into the IM at high vacuum. Could also be blockage in oil return
>> passages from the head to the sump, causing flooding of the head and
>> valve stem seals.
>> So you’re racing your Scorp? I have a ‘77 which hasn’t been out of
>> the garage for years.
>> Bernie
>> On Jul 20, 2009, at 9:18 AM, Andy Schor wrote:
>>> Yesterday after a weekend of vintage races and car shows here in
>>> Pittsburgh, I figured I was pushing my luck driving the '76 Lancia
>>> Scorpion around town.so I brought it home.  I headed off in the
>>> Audi towards family dinner at my sister-in-law's house.  After
>>> about 8-10 miles in congested traffic (someone had broken down
>>> blocking the road), I took the exit and was cruising through the
>>> town (~25 mph) then suddenly there was a huge plume of smoke
>>> (whiteish) that smelled like oil.  I thought it was wafting forward
>>> from the car behind me, but it was actually coming from my
>>> tailpipe.  I pulled over, checked oil pressure gauge (5 bar on
>>> throttle, 2 bar at idle), oil level registered OK on the dipsitck.
>>> This came on suddenly, there was no unusual noise, I wasn't even
>>> accelerating enthusiastically.  I let it sit for a bit, then
>>> started it again, same condition.  I parked it there and this
>>> morning had the car flat bedded to the mechanic shop (who was still
>>> unpacking from the vintage races).  I doubt he'll even be able to
>>> look at it for a while.
>>> Anybody have BTDTs or thoughts on how much I should brace my self
>>> for the wallet vac?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Andy
>>> '91 Avant 297K miles
>>> _______________________________________________

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