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I pulled connector from ABS control module under the rear seat bottom
behind the driver and used an ohm meter to measure resistance of all
four sensors. Left front appeared to be open. I repeated the same test
from its connector on the left strut tower - still open. Replaced with a
used from 10v using 10v routing path - different from 20v. Had to buy a
new collet from a VW dealer - appeared to be cheaper then from an Audi


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My ANTILOCK OFF light was coming on shortly after the car is running  
and the brakes are used.
I cold toggle it off but it comes back on again with a brake use.
The ABS would try to function at low speed and with braking on any  

The front left wheel speed sensor was replaced.
If I toggle the switch, the ANTILOCK OFF light goes out (should be ABS  
activated) but the car dives to the right on hard braking.
With the ANTILOCK OFF light on (no ABS), the car brakes great but  
there is no ABS.

The 3rd party software emulation of the VAG 1551 does not read the ABS  

What instrument is used to read the ABS codes and reset the ABS?

Do you think dealers still have such around?

- Michael

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