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So close...

Southern, NH here.


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Thanks-- it is matter of my time to switch the lights, not about  
having the stock setup. I still have the old lights.

I just don't have time to make the switch. If someone wants to do it  
in the next few days, come on by-- I am in East Central Vermont, 30  
miles from Hanover, NH.

They would be free, or as much as they seem to be worth after the  
effort of making the switch. But you would have to be sure the stock  
setup works when you are done-- even if you have to make funky  
splices, etc.

On Jul 23, 2009, at 8:04 AM, Lavine, David wrote:

> Actually new jettas are 5x112. You should trade your euros with  
> someone. I have an extra stock set, you anywhere near CT?
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> Dan:
> Bad news, the VW bolt pattern is 5x100, not the 5x112 of your Audi  
> wheels...
> Tire Rack needs to correct its info.
> Good news is that wheels fitting the 5x100 pattern are readily
> available, - just search craigslist for "vw wheels"
> -Peter
> At 06:36 AM 7/23/2009 -0400, Daniel Wing wrote:
>> Well, after 9 years, I am giving up my car and leaving the fold. The
>> economics of clunking my car (which cost me only $6,000 nine years  
>> ago
>> but has cost plenty to fix since then) are compelling. Not just the
>> $4,500 and the likely $1,300 tax credit, but the list of things that
>> would need to be done to the car before winter if I continue to run
>> the car.
>> Tire Rack tells me that the bolt pattern for the Jetta TDI I am
>> getting on Friday or next week (the clunker program is just getting
>> started on July 24 but I have a deposit in on the car) is the same as
>> the 200Q20V. I am hoping the Jetta brakes are small enough for me to
>> fit either my steelies or my stock aluminum wheels so I can run
>> whatever winter 15" tire width and ratio will match the overall
>> diameter of the Jetta tires.
>> When I have run the steelies I have done so with a thin (about 1/4")
>> aluminum spacer to get the wheels to clear the front brakes. The
>> steelies don't have quite enough native offset to clear without the
>> spacers. Now I am trying to decide which wheels to keep, steel or
>> aluminum. The aluminum wheels are probably more delicate, but none  
>> are
>> bent, that I know. (The advantage of higher profile tires on a  
>> country
>> car like mine is that the wheels don't take such a beating.) Also,
>> they come with a hubcap, and the steelies do not-- so I have to
>> slather grease on the hubs to ward off salt. After 8 years, the
>> steelies are also starting to rust.
>> If I could, I would keep all the wheels-- the all-season tires on the
>> stock wheels have very little wear. However, I can't clunk the car
>> with no tires and wheels! (I can't clunk it without the eurolights,
>> either-- damn!)
>> Do any of you know whether: I can fit these wheels on the Jetta?
>> Whether the extra offset of the aluminum wheels is desirable or
>> undesirable in that application? What would you do (Given that the  
>> car
>> is now toast, of course.)
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