Catch Can system

P.A. sleepyq2227 at
Fri Jul 24 17:38:01 PDT 2009

Hey guys, been lurking for a long time w/o posting recently. I just finished
up a timing belt job along w/ head gasket replacement. It was a big job but
w/ the posts from the past along w/ I was pretty set and the
job went very well and only took a couple of days. While in there I've
determined that I'm getting a lot of oil up in the intake tract through the
crankcase breather system and I want to add a catch can system. Are there
any kits out there from a tuner that are ready to go bolt in that work well?
Or do I have to home brew a solution to put it in? Now a days time to
test/experiment is getting short so I'm hoping for some sort of
recomendation on a direct bolt in kit. Thanks guys.

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