[V8] UFO brakes

Henry A Harper III hah at alumni.rice.edu
Fri Jun 5 09:48:46 PDT 2009

Looks like bira.org is still up, it's true there hasn't been much (any)
activity on their mailing list of late. When I joined, the deal was that
they wanted at least 4 orders for the UFO-only brackets to get the cost down
into the "reasonable" range from the machine shop. Counting me there were
only ever 1 or 2 people who wanted to order for UFOs since I joined about 5
years ago(?)...so no UFO brackets got made other than the proof-of-concept
ones. Then after the brackets you need calipers & pads, correct flex lines,
rotors, wheels & tires to fit over the rotors, etc. Not really something
you'd throw on in a weekend to meet an inspection deadline. Or maybe some
people would but not me.

New UFO rotors sound a lot cheaper, to me. Why do you "need" new? Past wear
limit? Inspecting shop needs to make boat payment? Wobbly? Tried the
"italian brake tuneup"?

I'm still on the pads & rotors I got with my car 12 years and 50k miles ago,
I don't drive it that much and when I do I am gentle with the brakes - if I
stay away from any track fun or angry commuting they'll probably go another
12 years. The GTI has been through 1 set of front rotors and 3 sets of front
pads in 15 years and 160k miles.


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> As far as I know UFO rotors are still readily available, but they aren't
> especially cheap.  I think I recall a more recent post saying about $150
> each.  Prior to that, they were $250 a piece.
> Someone out west fabricated something that would accomplish rotor turning,
> but no, no FLAPS will likely be able to be turn UFO rotors.
> I think BIRA quit.  Not sure about that.
> You can always grab some S4 front struts and go the G60 route.
> Ed
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> I'm 1 for 2 getting by Audis past state inspection. (The V8 is in today,
> which may make me 1 for 3).
> The '91 200 Avant failed.  It needs brake rotors and brake pads
> all around,
> and there is an exhaust leak. I can deal with the exhaust easy enough, but
> the brakes have me concerned.
> My 200 has UFO brakes in the front. Chris at Force 5 tells me the
> rotors are
> hard to come by. So now comes decision time...  Here are my options, as I
> see them:
> a) Anyone have a good set of UFO rotors they don't need?
> b) Can UFO rotors be turned by a regular FLAPS machine shop?
> c) Does BIRA still make adapters available?
> Any other thoughts?
> What's a 20V Avant worth if you can't get brakes for it?
> Thanks,

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