UFO brakes

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I don't think I've ever had a set of rotors turned. I've never grooved a set
badly and new pads on untreated rotors have adapted without incident for me.
I just try to bed them in gently and take it easy for a while afterward.


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Kent, please explain just how your State inspection inspects rotors  
in general and UFOs in particular to declare them unsuitable. Same for their
criteria for pad rejection. I'll bet they just feel  
for a little rotor ridge, no quantitative measurement. IMO rotor  
minimum thickness specs are just BS, a CYA spec designed to sell  
rotors. Never, ever have rotors turned! The lathes for doing so ane  
not maintained and will introduce much runout at the cost of much  
metal lost. Rotors wear true, worn rotors are always better than new.

My 200-20V has great original rotors at 225K, and will never be  
changed. No required inspection.


On Jun 5, 2009, at 9:01 AM, Kent McLean wrote:

> I'm 1 for 2 getting by Audis past state inspection. (The V8 is in
> today,
> which may make me 1 for 3).
> The '91 200 Avant failed.  It needs brake rotors and brake pads all
> around,
> and there is an exhaust leak. I can deal with the exhaust easy  
> enough, but
> the brakes have me concerned.
> My 200 has UFO brakes in the front. Chris at Force 5 tells me the
> rotors
> are hard to come by. So now comes decision time...  Here are my  
> options,
> as I see them:
> a) Anyone have a good set of UFO rotors they don't need?
> b) Can UFO rotors be turned by a regular FLAPS machine shop?
> c) Does BIRA still make adapters available?
> Any other thoughts?
> What's a 20V Avant worth if you can't get brakes for it?
> Thanks,
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