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This sounds all very safety conscious and stuff, but your inspector 
sounds way over zealous.
Get yourself a copy of the inspection requirements .

Unless the V8 is grossly lowered, how would he know?


At 02:47 PM 6/5/2009 -0400, Kent McLean wrote:
>If you've been following along the "get 3 Audis inspected" game,
>the new score is 1 for 3. :(
>The V8 failed for 2 reasons.
>1) Back-up lights don't work. I knew this before going in, and I think I have
>a solution. I just need to get under the car and  run some wires from the
>back-up light switch to the wires I found in the automatic transmission
>multi-function switch (gizmo) under the hood.
>2) The car has been lowered. This I also knew, but I didn't know it was a
>point of failure in NH. As Dave (at Steve & Dave's) said, he's seen trucks
>that have been jacked up, but they would fail at his station.
>Me: How high does it have to be?
>Dave: "Stock."
>I'm not sure how he judges that, but my questions now are:
>a) How tough is it to replace the springs on all 4 corners? Remove the struts?
>Screw up the alignment?
>b) Can I get away with putting shims/spacers under the springs, to boost the
>ride height to normal?  (To be returned to "normal" after the almighty sticker
>has been applied.)
>c) Anyone know what ride height is "normal"?
>I'd prefer to keep the lowered suspension, but I don't want to have to do this
>every year just to comply. Unless I find a "better" inspector. ;)
>Summary: '91 200 needs rotors, bads, and an exhaust, '90 V8 needs a 
>and back-up lights. At least the A4 is OK to drive.
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