Avant and V8 inspections

Ted Fisher fisherwc at pacbell.net
Fri Jun 5 13:27:12 PDT 2009

You are getting some serious BS from your inspector, but to work around him. 
1. Find out what the original height of the bumper was, should be the same as an Avant and the info was on Chris Millers web page, where ever that landed. There is a DOT spec for bumper heights for cars, it has not changed in a thousand years. As long as part of the bumper falls within that range you are legal. Dropping the car 1"' still leaves you within spec. A 2" drop will have you border line.
To disqualify you because you are not stock, leaves your inspector open to all kind of action because he is being subjective, not objective. One is his option, the other is law. 
2. If he does not measure the average thickness of the rotor or does a run out test, again he is being subjective. 
There are hard and fast numbers that the manufactures, state and DOT have come up with to verify compliance. Get those numbers, a rectal flashlight and give em to your inspector. He'll need the flashlight to read them because he has his head up his as....
Ted Fisher
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