Platinum Leather Dye for Interior & Seats?

Ben Swann benswann at
Mon Jun 8 14:47:48 PDT 2009

They do have dye.  I was hoping someone would know if the gray they handle is a fair
match, before shelling out $30 for 8 oz.  Not looking for perfect, but "close enough.
If they have to color match a sample, it is a lot more $.

Hoping someone here has tried something that is known to work.

I know that leatherique does make good stuff - have used their brown, and pretty much
restored old cracked leather to like new.


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Try ; They have great products, and if you can send them a
small piece from under a seat, they can custom match the color. I have been using them
for leather restoration/preservation for many year with great success. 


Scott P. 

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