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I've already thought it's way overkill.  I was thinking about relaying the
low beams to get everything I can out of  the 55 watt low beams.  I also
thought about using a separate switch for the dedicated high beam position.
I have already wondered about the health of wiring and relays running 100w
highs.  I don't think I need much more convincing to get a less powerful
2-filament bulb for that position.

Is that inner segment actually a high beam?  I'm just now sitting here
thinking that it could very well be a fog light or something.  Am I being a

I might relish the thought of finally being able to retaliate to the drivers
of Ford trucks with lights that absolutely blind me at night.  The thing is,
for the most part, they probably didn't do anything but buy a truck off the
lot.  Sure some are lifted or tweaked or not aimed well after accident
damage, but it's the lighting designers at Ford, among others, who are the
real culprits.  Anyway, having good lights of my own will really help
dealing with the bright lights of others and I'm good with that.

I certainly don't want to blind anyone else.  I'm extremely vigilant about
dimming my lights, though it really made no difference in the 200, but
nobody's perfect.  I think I'll dial down the 100w to 80 or so.  Is the
stock high beam 65 watts?

Thanks David.


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He is also running the 100w bulbs which I removed from mine b/c they are
dangerous.  Even with the nice euro reflector and good aim you totally blind
people unless you are on a totally straight road or are perfect at dimming
your hi's.  You also need to really keep up on the connections, especially
in the salt belt or you will be melting your stuff and trashing relays on a
regular basis.  On my first avant I ran the regular bulbs in the euros on
the stock wiring, no relay for 250K miles no issues.  With the second avant
that came with the hi watt bulbs and a relay harness I had many issues until
I pulled the hi watt bulbs.

 people running those bulbs should have someone drive their car and be on
the receiving end coming around a turn just so you know, you wind up being
blind for at least 5 seconds after they hit you....depending on your age,
etc. drinking also affects your glare recovery time.  

The euros weren't dot approved even though they are great, so for the
imports they put in the minimum spec dot approved lites.....on a $50k
car....kinda like a screw you USA

David Schaible
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I've heard from others that the Euros for the 200 20V offer greater
(greatest?) improvement over stock compared to the UrS cars, ur-quattros,


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You give me motivation to install the set I bought new for my 200 Avant 7  
years ago with the Blau custom harness.  They have been sitting under my  
bench all that time.  Maybe after I replace the AC condenser, tie rods and a

bunch of other small things on my list.
Pete, 91 Avant
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