Euro Headlights on the Avant.

Ted Fisher fisherwc at
Tue Jun 9 10:37:46 PDT 2009

I had 2 Bennett install a set of Euro's on the 200 Avant when I first got it. They used a Blau Power harness running off of the jumper post. 
Other than a having a change a bulb or a relay (mostly due to the fact they sat behind the radiator, a bad location and a total PITA to change) every couple of years I was problem free for almost 200K miles.   
The high beams would throw a reflective light over a mile and even at speeds well over the ton I could not over drive the lights on straight roads in good weather. Curves had their own problems and no amount of light could help me see around blind corners. Loved those lights, runs on the Ca coast or in the mountains late at night were stress free since I really could see.   
But as been mentioned, you had to be quick with the low beams. Anybody coming the other way was going to be blinded big time. When on the high beams I was very careful of this having once been stopped by a CHP that I caught in my lights when driving an endurance Porsche race car on the street. I had over 600 watts of light and he got it all in the mirrors. He was not happy. 

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