euro light install WOW!

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Tue Jun 9 11:42:58 PDT 2009

Be careful with the 80/100's if you decide to use those - if you have the 
stonguard coverings on your lights, they will get hot enough to crack the 
lens. BTDT.

I ran the 80/100's for years and never got flashed by oncoming traffic. 
Agree with all the comments about being speedy to lower your high beams. The 
difference between a 55/60w and an 80/100w is very noticeable, especially on 
low beam.

mike miller

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What is the function of the inner segment of the euro lights?  Extra high
beam?  Fog light?  Driving light?  Now that I'm exploring this, I'm much
more convinced that I should wire it separately to its own switch. 

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