Euro Headlights on the Avant.

Ted Fisher fisherwc at
Tue Jun 9 11:55:14 PDT 2009

Almost forgot, you guys reminded me of this. It has been a long time since I did this so if I am off on details bear with me. 
First off, the inside light is designed as a driving light and throws a cone of light far down the road. You can't change it to a fog light without changing the reflector and lens. How far and how bright the light is depends on what blub you use. 65w is the max allowed in most states so anything higher is illegal. You can get 80/120 or more for the low beam side but if you get nailed, it will be obvious that all your lights are out of spec and the fix it tickets (at least in Ca) are getting expensive. I recommend using the 55/100 for max lighting on the low beam side because the low wattage 55 gives you an out if you blind the wrong person. For the highbeam use what you are comfortable with. The higher wattage blubs will cause havic with the OEM wiring system, thats why the recommended power harness. Plus a power harness is using power straight from the battery to run the bulbs. If you think 100 watts at 11-12 volts is bright, try it at 13-14
On the DOT headlights there is a low wattage blub bult into the side of the headlight and it is always on when the headlights or parking lights are turn on. You can tap into this light to give your self a front parking light. The turn signels are mounted in the front bumper and come with a single pole bulb (they are only turn signels). I used a turn signel bulb socket out of a 4000 (dual pole system) to convert the turn signel assembly to work as both a running light and a turn signel. The socket was a plug and play so all I had to do was change the wiring. If you are careful you can use the OEM connectors, transfering the turn signel lead and bring the DOT parking light lead down to the bumper. Works and looks OEM and everyone always thought it came that way.   



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