euro light install WOW!

Geraint Lloyd geraintlloyd_qc at
Tue Jun 9 12:20:43 PDT 2009

The inner section is an extra high beam.  

I am running 100/150w H4s and 100w H3s in my Euros with a low beam and high
beam relay (so four 40A jobbies) per side.
I rewired the battery cable in the front end from the splice forward to the
jump post, alternator and starter just before fitting the Euros, so used
some chunky wire from the jump post to the relays, or rather the pre-relay
fuses. Maybe it's over kill in terms of capacity, but it definitely wasn't
in terms of $$$$. I even put the relays in little waterproof boxes.....
I have had no issues so far and I can see when it's dark ;)

I also pulled the autocheck headlamp sensor relay thing and put 2 small
jumper wires in instead. From now on I'll just have to rely on my eyes to
tell me when there's a dead bulb! 
Ooooh matron! Imagine the mental challenge! 
And don’t get me started on automatic windscreen wipers! 
While we are on the subject of 5 cylinder T44 Euros, I am still struggling
to find a replacement left hand Euro lens (or even a complete unit) after
Puma apparently went tits up (à la GM).
Anyone got one that they want to exchange for hard currency now the CAD$ is
back at USD $0.91?


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