brake caliper bracket update

chris gregg loxxrider at
Sat Jun 13 14:55:15 PDT 2009

So I got my BBK kit in and its pretty darn nice. I just need to get some new brake lines and wheel bearings and I'm ready to install.

I worked on the CAD model of my own bracket design today and I basically have a rough, but almost usable model. I just need to get the chance to tear into the car before I can really make sure my measurements are super accurate, and then I can perfect everything on the computer. 

To go along with this, you'd also need modified hubs to run the A8 rotors. I'm figuring out exactly how they need to be modified so that I can have them made or tell you guys what specs you need to tell a machine shop in order to get yours to fit. It should be a really easy job on the lathe. 

Other than that, you'd be all set to strap on A8 rotors (US spec), porsche carrera/boxter S calipers, etc.

I will definitely consider making these for other caliper types, etc. after this first design goes through. I am pretty sure they will be made of steel as someone on motorgeek complained about his aluminum brackets completely corroding. 

Just to be clear, this is just a fun little project for me. Even if I only got to make one set and it helped a lister out, I'd be satisfied. Of course if more people want some, I'm always down to help out.  I'll definitely be testing the initial one myself just to make absolutely sure they do what they are supposed to do. 

Let me know what you think!


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