FW: Ignition Switch Failure Mode

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
Fri Jun 19 19:42:29 PDT 2009

Actually, they can and do fail in this exact manner.   The cranking terminal can connect
allowing the starter to turn enging over, while the ignition/ECU(spark/fuel) portion  of
the swich does not enable.  This can be intermittant and often be associated with the
switch overheating.  The car often will start fine after cooling down.  Sometimes the
ignition portion is disable when cranking, but can "catch" when released to run position
and engine can start.  Seen it happen this way on several 5kts.


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If all the VAG switches that I've replaced, I've never seen one fail
in that mode. I'ts always been no crank, accessories not working, or
failure to return from start. Never seen one kill the spark or fuel
during cranking.


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