Speedometer not working

YBK ybk at dongames.net
Tue Jun 23 19:47:55 PDT 2009

I finally got around and completed the repair. Extensive circuit boards
examination with an 8x magnifying glass found no broken connections
whatsoever. Testing speedometer related traces also showed perfect
connections everywhere.

Bentley procedure tells to lift and turn left front wheel and use
ohmmeter on the IC connector. It turned out that disconnected from IC
sender showed perfect pulses but when connected to IC - no pulses. When
I pulled the sender out I found some liquid inside and a corroded wire.
New sender solved the problem.

While IC was out I switched its clock to use military time.


В Пнд, 04/05/2009 в 12:10 -0400, Phil Rose пишет:
> At 10:34 PM -0400 5/3/09, YBK wrote:
> >My car has developed exactly the same symptoms.
> >I would like to try Peter's suggestion.
> >Where is the speedometer sender?
> >Bentley doesn't seem to mention speedometer sender anywhere other then
> >transmission harness connector in transmission removal section.
> >
> >
> >Ç ÇÚ•, 13/03/2007 ’ 08:41 -0400, Peter Schulz Ô˯ÂÚ:
> >>  Brian:
> >>  Do the easiest thing first.
> >>
> >>  Pull the connector on the transmission sender, clean the contacts on
> >>  it and on the sender, reconnect., then see if it resolves the issue.
> >  > Instrument cluster issues tend to be with the 
> >auto check and warning lights.
> >  >
> Peter may be right, however defective 
> solder-joints in the instrument cluster are also 
> a common cause for the speedo  malfunction 
> (completely dead or bouncing needle). A quick 
> "test"  (done carefully while driving, of course) 
> is to give the top of the padded dash a good 
> smack. Might take a couple of hard hits. If that 
> succeeds to get your speedo back to normal 
> behavior ( at least for a brief time) you'll know 
> you need to pull the cluster and do some 
> soldering.
> Photos of my repairs here (includes wire jumper 
> added to fix hi-beam and turn-signal issue):
> http://phil-rose.com/miscellaneous/IC_repair_photos/photo_1_solder_fix.jpg
> and
> http://phil-rose.com/miscellaneous/IC_repair_photos/photo_2_reassembled_IC.jpg
> Phil
> P.S. My resoldering job (done at the base of the 
> 2-pin connector) solved the speedo bounce problem 
> for a few years. It recently has reoccurred, so a 
> more permanent repair is obviously needed. This 
> would require somehow (?) directly connecting 
> (i.e., soldering) a ground feed wire to that pin. 
> Or continue slapping the dashboard until it hurts 
> your hand too much. ;-)

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