Similarities US version Audi V8 and 220V

Bastian Preindl bastian at
Thu Jun 25 12:37:03 PDT 2009


I'm new to the list, so here comes a short introduction:

I'm living in Austria, Europe and since 2002 I drive an Audi V8 (now the
3rd and hopefully last one, a '94 4,2 Classic Line in
Pomerolgreen/Magnolia Connolly) and since 2004 an Audi 200 20V TQ '90
brillant black/platin sports as daily driver. I've pretty much
everything exchanged now on my 220V and drove approx 70k miles with it
since then. Over here we've probably 80 pieces of them left (in
Austria), both Avant and Sedan. As the 20V is nearly 20 years old, I'm
about to finish it technically and care a bit more about interior and
exterior. As a consequence I grabbed a second Classic Line interior
(unfortunately not complete) which I'd like to transplant in the 20V, so
that's my project for the next year or so ;) Besides that I still have
to get my AC working and the timing belt has to be exchanged again soon
- probably I take the chance and completely overhaul the machine, even
though it runs perfectly.

Reason of my today's post is that I've found out that the US version of
the Audi 200 20V TQ has a different dashboard than the Europe/German
one. As a consequence I wonder if your glove compartment is also
different from ours and if it's probably the same as in the Audi V8.
Could anybody give me some information on that?

And if somebody is offering a Zebrano wood cover of the Climate Control
and the ashtray I'd be happy if he could contact me!

Thanks a lot


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