Similarities US version Audi V8 and 220V

Bastian Preindl bastian at
Thu Jun 25 13:43:25 PDT 2009

Hi Tony,

the parts are from a post-face-lift Audi V8, no doubt which year of 
manufacture. The car was completely rotten, hence only parts of the 
interior survived. But they are definetely worth the effort!

I'm about to find out the differences of the glovebox on European V8. Do 
you think/know if both are, if dismounted, like closed boxes? The mine 
looks like one big module.

> BTW, the top dash portion of the V8 and 200 in the 'states are
> different as well. The 200 instrument cluster can be pulled without
> pulling the dash top piece off, while the V8 requires the entire top
> poece to be removed.

We have the same differences here, regarding the instruments. BUT, and 
that's the big difference, our Audi 200 20V dashboards fully cover both 
sides (whereas the US-versions have small covers on both sides). So our 
Audi 200 gloveboxes are just cheap boxes whereas the US-versions seem to 
be real drawers, like the European V8s.

Thanks and regards


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